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  •  Increase Your Joy, Productivity, And Impact
  • Embracing The Hero’s Mindset
  • Reach The Next Level Of Success & Fulfillment In Your Life
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"How To Create A Heroic Life"
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If you’ve already achieved a certain amount of success in your life, yet you still feel empty, unsatisfied, and called to a higher purpose, this webinar presentation will give you the secret sauce you need to have a massive impact on the world so you can secure legacy by doing meaningful work—that’s lucrative—and be recognized for your true abilities. 

Join a global movement of change makers and superheroes who have reconnected with their authentic self and have gotten back to feeling fulfilled from their work.

This fascinating and inspirational online presentation will reconnect you with the hero inside you might have lost on your journey to success.

This Free Webinar Shows You How To Increase Your Joy, Productivity, And Impact By Embracing The Hero’s Mindset So You Can Reach The Next Level Of Success In Your Life
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Dr. Zaino is captivating...

I'll keep this short and sweet, I have read hundreds of books on business, lifestyle management, and success strategies, and without a doubt Dr. Zaino's knowledge and delivery is up there with the best of them. Every time I have ever heard him speak it was nothing short of life changing. His ability to captivate and move the room are amazing. I always walk away with a notebook full great content that I bring home to start adding into my own life.

Dr. Zaino adds clarity...

It is hard to find a more authentic leader who truly cares about helping people grow and achieve their potential than Dr. Chris Zaino. I've had the great opportunity to have him as a mentor of mine and he has the amazing ability to simplify and add clarity to obstacles in business and life in general. Dr. Chris Zaino is a valuable asset to the growth of myself and my business and I'm looking forward to many more years working with him.

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And Discover How To Increase Your Joy, Productivity, And Impact By Embracing The Hero’s Mindset So You Can Reach The Next Level Of Success In Your Life 
Create a
massive impact
on the world
with your
authentic self 
for your true abilities
Hosted By 
Dr. Chris Zaino
Just after winning Mr. America at 21, Dr. Zaino was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease that left him hopeless and broken. Doctors even told him he would never have children, and that his only option was a risky operation. But after a miraculous recovery, he became a doctor himself so he could help heal others. With the fire inside him re-ignited, he grew his practice to extraordinary levels, and cemented himself as one of the most successful people in his industry.

He is now a world-renowned speaker, author, doctor, and founder of one of the largest wellness clinics in the world, where in under 10 years years he grew it to 28X the industry average. He’s also a competitive bodybuilder who won his professional status at Team Universe in 2016, and a social media influencer who inspires thousands of people to wake up their inner-hero.

You CAN reach another level of success and fulfillment in your life
"Concepts that have
changed life for me..."
Hero and Secret Identity is such a creative way to express the daily battle within for greatness, the cost that's required to be your hero compared to paying the ultimate price to stay your secret identity. 

Knowing the world needs you to be the hero you were created to be, the true you, changes everything.

The Unknown.. this has allowed me to be excited about the unknown, there is nothing to fear other than not embracing it and enjoying the ride. Encourages taking action to see what's waiting...

End result...this completely levels the playing field and gives you the power in your life. Give your best each moment, find your way to get to the matter how long it takes.
John Fresh
"Dr. Zaino propels you to
go find that inner hero..."
Dr. Chris Zaino has been not only a inspiration to many but a key leader and servant to our profession. He is a person that never fails to respond to a question or a need to his colleagues and pours into many people with his knowledge. 

I know him as a friend and colleague and respect his discipline and constant never ending hard work. He has a story that drives people to want to reach their potential including mine. 

He propels you to go find that inner hero that has been torn down by the world and to tear down the secret identity that masks who we truly were made to be. 

I myself have greatly acknowledged the hero in me and have used Dr. Zaino's advice to become the me I was created to be for the people I serve.
Rosie Main
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I hope to see you at the webinar so we can get to the bottom of what’s holding you back from getting to the next level 
in your life.

If you’re struggling right now, wondering why you’re feeling unsatisfied, even in the face off all you’ve accomplished…

Don’t worry, I got you.

See you there!

Live Heroic,
Dr. Zaino
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